Our Civic Engagement program hopes to empower the HMoob community to become civically engaged and as a result, build leaders, and foster leadership. 

Are you registered to VOTE?

Get registered to VOTE for this year's 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION! If you have not registered to vote please go to: https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/ and register. If you have problems getting registered to vote (i.e change of address or name) please contact us and we can help!

Online Resources


Register to vote, find your polling place and ballot info, update address

Find your election officials: All you have to do is enter your address and your current elected officials will appear on the page.

Your "one-stop-shop" for election related information: A good place to learn about candidates who are running for office

Sample ballots for La Crosse area municipalities

For more information or assistance contact Emily at emily@ciasiabinc.org or 608-615-7117.

The Census data determines how federal funding is distributed to states for healthcare, grants, schools, housing, education and more programs. OUR community utilizes and needs these resources in order to be successful. We want our community to be SEEN, HEARD, and COUNTED. #SuavHMoobKomThoob.

To learn more about the 2020 Census:


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