Past Presenters &

Recommended Resources


  • CHAT (Center for Hmong Arts and Talent)

  • Kou Xiong (Hmong history and culture)

  • Vincent Her (Hmong history and culture)

  • Runninghorse Livingston (Culturally responsive math)

  • Maggie McHugh (Culturally responsive math)

  • Margarita Olivas (Border issues)

  • David Stoval (Critical race theory and policy)

  • Richard Mann (Ho-Chunk history and culture)

  • George Garvin (Ho-Chunk history and culture)

  • Courtney Jenkins (Racial disparities in special education)

  • La Crosse School District

  • Aunties Ruth Gudinas and Dorothy Davis (Full Circle)

  • Tom Metz (HONOR books and resources)

  • Hmong ABC Bookstore 

  • Debbie Reese (Stereotypes and bias)

  • Rosemary Christianson (Indigenous education)

  • Khou Xiong 

  • Brian McInnis (language, Indigenous Ed.)

  • Wilbert Cleveland (Elder)

  • Christin DePouw (Ed Policy, Hmong Ed.)

  • Wendy Mattison (Art, Hmong Ed.)

  • Tracy Littlejohn (First Nations Studies, Contemp. Issue)

  • Nick Reynolds (Oneida History, Curriculum Development)

  • Dr. Carol Cornelius (Oneida, Curriculum Development Indigenous Ed.)

  • Napos (Medicine Wheel teaching, Elder)

  • Richie Plass

  • Priscilla Cleveland (Act 31)

  • Barb Munson (Mascots, Activisim)

  • Priscilla Dessart (First Nations Curriculum Development)

  • Cliff Morton (Ed. policy, Sterotypes, US Imperialism)

  • Chris Munson

  • Curry Mallott (Ed. Policy, Curriculum Development, Crit. Ped.)

  • Lex Steppling

  • Rob Haworth (Ed. Policy, Anarchist Ed.)

  • Dianna Moran (Border Issues)

  • Lisa Poupart (First Nations Studies, Healing)

  • JP Leary (Ed Policy, ACT 31, Sterotypes, First Nations Studies)

  • Dan Green (Sterotypes, Mascots)

  • Al Gedicks (Ind. Environmental Justice)

  • Dr. Bee Lo (Author of Ka's Garden)

  • Maggie McHugh (Author of Ka's Garden)  

  • Matt Stewart (Ind. Ed. Circle Teaching, Special Ed.)

  • Xong Xiong (Hmong Studies, Contemporary Issues)

  • GLIFWC, Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission  Gerry DePerry

  • Maij Xyooj

  • Ryan Comfort (First Nations Studies, Healing)

  • Tou Saiko Lee  and Justin Schell 



A link to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction American Indian Studies Bibliography Series. 

A bibliography from the Hmong Cultural Center of St. Paul MN.

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