The Youth Conference is an important component of the WtC Conference. It is open to students grades 6-12 with a special focus toward Native and Hmong youth.  The youth conference engages students in ways to advocate for themselves and others, build confidence and self-esteem in their cultures, and develop leadership skills.

The Youth Conference begins on Friday and includes a secure overnight aspect. A project that youth work on while also learning will be presented on Saturday evening.  Please plan to travel to us Friday afternoon and depart Saturday evening.  Past experiences has proven that the youth that start and end together walk away with a stronger experience, so please expect to be with us through the conference's entirety.

Chaperones should plan to stay overnight with the youth.  Sorry, no comfy couches, but we do have a carpeted floor and arrangements for showering Saturday morning at the local YMCA.

As Hmoob and Native people, our people’s experience have always centered around resilience and hope.  Through this year's Widening the Circle Conference theme, we will celebrate this resilience.  

2018 Youth Track Workshop

In this creative interactive youth workshop, facilitated by Multimedia Artist, Hlee Lee-Kron, youth participants will have the opportunity to use their photos and other multimedia platforms to create their representation of resilience.  This is an all day workshop to help engage youth in the development of critical perspectives.  Youth Staff will help facilitate talking circles in the building of a community, giving youth participants the opportunity to explore what it means to face adversity, trauma and still be here.  


We ask that registered youth participants start capturing photos of what it means to be resilient.  During the workshop, Hlee Lee will help facilitate conversations and the development of the project(s).  Through this workshop, we hope to help start the building of a community and to empower youth to use their voices as well as their lived experiences in the development of creative solutions (projects) to tell their stories and counter oppressive systems.  The showcase of creative project(s) is reserved for Saturday night.  Parents and community members are invited to join at this time.

Presenter: Hlee Lee-Kron

"I believe in the power of the people. I believe in bringing communities together. I believe in supporting leaders and teams with a passion that can change the world. I’m extremely passionate about what I do and the people I work with. I enjoy being out there everyday building community and teaching our youth the value of community organizing."

Hlee is a community based, globally minded storyteller in the Twin Cities. She is a photographer, communications professional, program manager, and organizational guru with a passion for telling community based stories with a global twist. She is a process-minded person, seeing the big picture, visualizing the path and building the steps to make it happen.


Her work has led her to many opportunities working with and mentoring young artists, emerging and aspiring artists, students, elders, LGBTQ communities, health workers and educators. She works with communities from beginning to end of every project, through every step in enhancing their message.


A true Minnesotan, she is an avid fisher and camper. She also enjoys traveling and sharing stories across the world. She currently reside in Saint Paul, Minnesota with her husband, Jim Kron, and their two dogs, Lily and Carley (who have their Instagram account @kronsisters).

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