Cia Siab, Inc's mission is to provide culturally empowering advocacy to the Hmoob Community through holistic support services, with revitalization of the Hmoob language and culture as the foundation.


Gender Justice

Our revitalization efforts aim to end sexist and misogynistic practices through the construction of a holistic Hmoob identity that is grounded in Indigenous Hmoob women’s ways of knowing. We encourage our youth to frame their experiences and circumstances through an intersectional Indigenous Hmoob feminist lens. 



To create a healthy, peaceful, and equitable Hmoob community, the Hmoob community has to center women’s contributions, experiences, and needs. We connect Hmoob girls to their history, provide them with resources and tools to build a community of support, and empower them to question and challenge patriarchy and other systems of privilege and power that marginalize and disempower them.



Through the use of forgotten traditional healing practices of our ancestors, the reclamation of traditional family and kinship relationships, and the revitalization of our endangered language and culture, we ask our girls to make sense of the present as they look to the past. We boldly ask them to envision and build an inclusive, loving, and violence-free world: a community that loves, supports and values them as much as their Hmoob brothers.



In order to better serve the Hmoob community, traditional Hmoob values guide our work and the support that is needed when helping victims seek justice or healing through victimization. Our services are designed to specifically address trauma, alleviate symptoms and to help victims/survivors with their recovery and healing, all with the understanding that healing is a life long process, therefore, we meet clients where they are.