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Elder Program

The Cia Siab, Inc. Elders' Program offers culturally appropriate advocacy services and programming for Hmoob elders in the La Crosse area. HMoob elders live with health problems such as depression, ptsd, loneliness, and many more as a result of historical trauma from war, displacement, and loss. Recognizing how trauma impacts the overall health of our elders, we focus on healing from these traumas. We want to provide a safe and positive space for our elders to interact with one another through engagement in games, crafts, listening to traditional music, hais kwv txhiaj, and storytelling.

We are currently not holding in-person programming due to the pandemic but continue to connect and support our elders on our weekly phone calls and providing food/fresh produce delivery for our elders.

If you know of an elder who is interested in receiving weekly food deliveries, contact Kabao, Elder Program Coordinator at or 608-615-7117.

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