In September 2016, a small group of people gathered in a tiny living room in La Crosse to talk about how to help move our community forward. We wanted to fulfill a huge need for services in the Hmoob community, but had no funding, no space and only a small team of about 10 dedicated individuals. Six months later we had secured funding for a small office on the northside of La Crosse and had just enough to hire a limited number of staff members to run programs and provide services. We are proud to announce that Cia Siab, Inc. celebrates our anniversary in September. The journey here has not been easy and there are many obstacles ahead, but we carry hope in our hearts and continue to press forward with pure and conscious minds.  

In our work, we maintain Cia Siab, Inc. through the four pillars of hope. We understand that our work has to be holistic, address the needs of the community, as well as the root causes of violence, and build leadership skills and positive cultural identity in order to change the hearts and minds of our people.


The mission of Cia Siab, Inc. is to provide culturally empowering advocacy to the Hmoob Community through holistic support services, with the revitalization of the Hmoob language and culture as the foundation. 

The vision of Cia Siab, Inc. is to build a culturally vibrant Hmoob community. We plan to do that by providing culturally specific and holistic programming and services. Hmoob language revitalization plays a large role in Cia Siab's core values as we see it as the key to building a healthy and thriving community.

Attempting to becoming a culturally responsive and trauma informed care agency is a long-term, transformative process that takes thoughtful, purposeful planning, time and resources. In order to better serve Hmoob victims of crime in our target area, traditional Hmoob values guide our work and the support that is needed when helping victims seek justice or healing through victimization. Our services are designed to specifically address violence and trauma, to alleviate the related symptoms and to help victims with their recovery and healing.

Culturally specific (CS) services are designed to work with and/or for a target population, such as people of color, immigrants, people of different religious/spiritual belief, people with disabilities, LGBTQ people, Deaf/deaf people and many others. This is important to us as services provides because culturally specific services help to engage with children and families in the context of their culture, making their culture matter and ensuring that victims feel heard and understood. The CS provider has a better understanding of the different social and emotional presentation of victims by understanding their culture and history, with a greater chance of not misunderstanding their situation.

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Cia Siab, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit created in 2016 with the vision of building a culturally vibrant Hmoob community.


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