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Programs & Services

Cia Siab, Inc. is a fully bilingual and bicultural social services provider providing holistic support for Hmoob survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault of all ages, with an emphasis on women, youth, lgbtqia+, and elders from La Crosse County. As a gender and racial justice organization, our primary goal is to engage and empower victims/survivors and community members to fight for a more peaceful, compassionate, and equitable world. Our organization provides counseling and support (individual and group) services, cultural and language learning opportunities, and civic engagement-related opportunities. We offer many non-traditional types of support and healing to our clients, including ample opportunities to work and play outdoors, learn traditional Hmoob farming and cooking techniques, and develop healthy, positive relationships within the Hmoob network.

We provide culturally specific and appropriate services designed to work with and/or for a target population, such as people of color, immigrants, people of different religious/spiritual belief, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ people, Deaf/deaf people and many others. This is important to us as service providers because culturally specific services help to engage with children and families in the context of their culture, making their culture matter and ensuring that victims feel heard and understood. As a culturally specific provider, we have a better understanding of the different social and emotional presentation of victims by understanding their culture and history, with a greater chance of not misunderstanding their situation.

If you are seeking or referring someone for our services, contact us at or us at (608) 615-7117.

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