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LGBTQ Program

In the work of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, patriarchy, gender equity, we must include the experiences of Queer/Trans/Intersex folx.


As Hmong people, our “Tsev Neeg” (family) is so important. However, as Queer Hmong folx our identities are not always welcomed into our Tsev Neeg spaces. 


Cia Siab Inc’s Queer Program is determined and dedicated to building a Tsev Neeg for our Queer folx. In these spaces, traumas of Queer Hmong folx are validated and discussed through shared experiences as we practice healthy coping mechanisms. So therefore, awareness and healing can start breaking the cycle of violence happening to Queer Hmong folx. 

Goals of Queer Youth Program:

  • Practicing accountability for homophobia and transphobia 

  • Connecting cultural and identities values to bring self-awareness 

  • Building Youth Leadership and Advocacy 

  • Educating Queer folx about healthy relationships, safe sex, basic life-skills, higher education, and career

For more information, contact Linda, Associate Director, at or (608) 615-7117.

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