Paj Ntaub Circle

Paj Ntaub Circle provides a safe space and a support network for Hmoob women of all ages in the La Crosse area, connecting them culturally, socially, emotionally, and politically while at the same time preserving the traditional needlework of the Hmoob paj ntaub. Hmoob womxn and young girls can reclaim and rebuild their identity in re-creating the power of traditional arts and roles, which were at one time, the backbone of Hmoob society. 

Goals of Paj Ntaub Circle:

  • Using paj ntaub needlework as a mechanism which womxn become able to oppose violence against Hmoob womxn;

  • Using paj ntaub needlework as a tool in which Hmoob womxn and girls can reclaim and rebuild their identities;

  • Providing a safe spaces where Hmoob womxn are able to share and begin to heal from generations of trauma;

  • Providing a place to share together in a confidential, safe, and open dialogue to support other Hmoob womxn and the Hmoob community

When: Every Tuesdays from 5pm to 7pm (virtually on Zoom)

Childcare and materials for paj ntaub will be provided. Writing, photography, videography, craft and other creative art forms are additional tools that will be used to explore Hmoob womxn identities. We invite all Hmoob womxn to join Paj Ntaub Circle.

For more info contact Nkauj Ci (Gao Chee) at nkaujci@ciasiabinc.org or 608-615-7117.

Paj Ntaub Zoom Party (for HMoob Womxn) NEW!

After launching our Paj Ntaub Zoom Party for the young HMoob girls back in June 2020, there were many young adults who expressed interest in joining. You asked, we listened! We are excited to be hosting weekly virtual parties to bring together Hmoob womxn nationwide to learn paj ntaub tawm laug (cross stitch needlework). Join us Wednesday nights from 5pm-7pm CST. First session begins Wednesday September 2nd.

Sign-up here: https://tinyurl.com/PNZPHMoobWomxn

For more info, contact Nkauj Ci (Gao Chee) at nkaujci@ciasiabinc.org.

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