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She Hlub is a Hmoob girls healing program with the purpose to end gender-based violence and patriarchy by holding space for Hmoob girls to explore and build sisterhood together. This space embraces Hmoob womxn's ways of knowing and embodies individual and collective Hmoob womxn identities. Our hope is to cultivate and build the leadership of Hmong  girls as we continue to build a more just Hmoob community that includes the voices of ALL gender identities.


Through the She Hlub Project, we begin to address gender-based violence in a variety of ways: investing in and building upon the leadership potential of Hmoob women and girls; co-creating a holistic and positive feminine Hmoob identity to empower Hmoob girls and women; and revitalizing our endangered language and culture through and intersectional Indigenous Hmoob Feminist lens.

Paj Ntaub Zoom Party (for HMoob Girls) NEW!

As part of the She Hlub Project, we started Paj Ntaub Zoom Party to hold weekly virtual spaces for Hmoob girls (nationwide) to connect through learning paj ntaub tawm laug

(cross stitch needlework).

This is open to ALL Hmoob girls (entering middle school and high school). You do NOT need to be from La Crosse to join! 

Sign up here:

For more information, contact Gao Chee at OR 608-615-7117.

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